The VII annual International Film Festival; Point in the Endless Universe, will be taking place from September 22nd - 25th in Cyprus (Paramali)
The Film Festival aims to present cinema as an ever developing artform, one which continues to entertain, inform and inspire us all. We hope that our feature films will provide the necessary interaction for our audience to truly experience the vivid language of cinema.

Why do you want to visit us?
Camping, theatre, sea, cartoons, star, great company and of course the cinema
Our film festival is always an enjoyable event, taking place in some of the most beautiful places on our planet.
Sun and the sea
Life in tents on the seaside, what more do you need? Dawns, sunsets – it is sure to be pure bliss!
Interesting and non-commercial, daring and strange, kind and deep - Our films will be sure to leave a lasting impression.
of the VII film festival
● The Feature films
● The Short films
● The Experimental films
● The Animated films
The objective of the film festival: To be instrumental in the development of independent cinema, to show support for young cinematographers and their projects and to search for new forms or development in cinematic language.

Our festival intentionally gave up on the idea of judges and rewards, critiquing the work of participants is not the agenda of the festival. The organizers consider every participant equal and count on an equally perceptive audience.

The isolation of the festival far from a modern city environment, allows the films to be screened in a most remarkable atmosphere.

Championing independent cinema, the festival will screen the films of festival participants on a large screen under the open-skies in as idyllic
a location imaginable.
If you're feeling adventurous, you're also welcome to pitch up a tent and spend the night, the location of the festival provides a number of scenic spots to set up camp; overlooking the sea, in the shade of a tree and all under the night sky.
Contacts, location & tickets
Turtle beach, Paramali, Cyprus
Absolutely free
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